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New Maria Galland Mille line

A reflection of perfect inner balance, skin youthfulness is governed by the harmony of the metabolisms that make all the cutaneous tissues function properly. A harmony that time, as well as genetic, hormonal and environmental factors, progressively disrupt. As the years go by, cell renewal and collagen production slow down, weakening the internal support structure and the natural protection barrier.

Specially developed to enhance skin beauty, MILLE skincare is aimed at women from the age of 30. MILLE offers a range of sensuous textures to respond to all conditions of skin.

Adorned with new packaging that combines premium quality, modernity and eco-design, the MILLE products are more elegant than ever and, enhanced by a hint of gold, echo one of the beacon actives in the formula.

At the heart of MILLE’s exclusive formula, the TOP-CMG complex, with unparalleled efficacy, combines some extraordinary actives that work in synergy to offer skin an all-round effect on signs of aging. Premium care, with a unique formula and ultra-precious concentrated active ingredients, developed specifically for the needs of your skin.