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New – Guinot ÉQUILIBRE PURETÉ facial treatment

There may be several reasons for the loss of balance of the skin: hormonal changes, diet, stress, environmental pollution or smoking. As a result, external signs such as increased sebum, enlarged pores, black comedones and rash appear on the skin.

In response to today's beauty challenges, Guinot has created a new, innovative facial treatment designed for cleansing and rebalancing the skin, reducing imperfections, eliminating shine and improving complexion.

The 40-minute treatment is effective and designed to achieve a long-term result. At the beginning of the treatment, a warming enzyme peel is applied, which opens the pores of the skin and eliminates dead cells. Exposure to heat is caused by zeolite crystals, which produce moderate heat in contact with the skin. The enzymatic effect is provided by papaya extract with a very gentle enzymatic action, which does not harm fragile and sensitive skin.

The next step is a cleansing clay mask that restores skin balance for 15 minutes. The combination of white and green clay absorbs excess sebum and prevents irritation of the skin surface. The mask does not contain astringent ingredients and does not dry out the skin, thereby preserving its elasticity for the further step of the treatment – extraction of black comedones to release skin pores.

The final step is the application of Guinot Acni Logic cream – a serum that normalizes the condition of the skin. This product contains a mattifying anti-shine powder and a unique Acnicidine complex containing:

  • Ac Net – helps reduce excess sebum secretion and hyperkeratinization,

  • Chlorhexidine digluconate – limits the growth of skin imperfetines causing bacteria,

  • Lipacid – restores the acidity level of the epidermis to promote optimum balance in the skin ecosystem,

  • Glucobio Zn – reduces excess sebum and narrows skin pores,

  • Salicylic acid – significantly eliminates skin imperfections.

As a result, already after the first session, the amount of sebum covering the skin is reduced by 87.6% and the pores are narrowed by 54.7%. Guinot ÉQUILIBRE PURETÉ is recommended for all types of combination and oily skin in the form of an intensive course of 3 treatments. The treatment is also recommended as a periodical treatment for all clients who experience temporary contact with any of the above skin problems due to stress or seasonal changes.