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NOVELTY - SENSI'REPAIR procedure by Maria Galland

Moisturized, smooth, healthy and glowing... This is the exact condition of the skin that every woman wants to see in her reflection in the mirror. However, in reality the situation is often completely opposite, because many of us often have to deal with such unpleasant problem – skin sensitivity.

Sensitive skin is mainly characterized by redness, inflammation and discomfort. This sensitivity is directly related to the environment and heredity. In addition, under the influence of daily aggressors – stress, UV radiation and pollution, the skin's protective capabilities weaken and the feeling of discomfort increases, which in the long term is the cause of premature ageing.

In search of a quality solution to this problem, Maria Galland has come up with SENSI'REPAIR – a procedure designed for especially sensitive skin, which will help protect and strengthen it. SENSI'REPAIR is specially designed to address the needs of the most sensitive skin. It can also be defined as a promise of relaxation that will help regenerate, relax and soothe the skin. During it, a professional method of relaxing and tension-relieving movements is applied, which significantly reduces redness and soothes the skin without causing a feeling of discomfort.

The total duration of the procedure is 60 minutes, and it consists of 2 parts. The first part is a diagnostic part of the skin condition, which lasts 15 minutes, and the second part is designed for intense relaxation and peace for 45 minutes, which will help restore, relax and calm the skin. The procedure includes the following steps:

  • introductory ritual, during which a shoulder, neck and back massage is performed,

  • cleansing designed to remove eye and lip makeup,

  • exfoliation, during which a peeling product is applied, and the skin is toned with a silky lotion,

  • face, neck and décolleté area massage and intensive care,

  • final care, during which serum, cream and protective veil are applied,

  • final ritual;

  • provision of recommendations for the ideal daily beauty ritual.

The combination of innovative active ingredients with a probiotic complex and manuka honey used during the procedure will stimulate the regeneration of your skin and strengthen its protective barrier, maintaining an optimal level of moisture. The combination of aloe vera, plant oils and shea butter will soothe the skin and reduce redness while moisturizing and nourishing it. Finally, the protective active ingredients will protect the skin from the aggression of the external environment and prevent irritation.