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The new version of the AGE SUMMUM treatment

No matter what industry we work in or work we do on a daily basis, our hands are the means that we are able to do them at all. Starting with professional duties and ending with washing dishes, sweeping the dust, helping to organize the child's school bag and other household chores that we tend to face every day.

However, just as our legs get tired after long walks, over time, our hands also suffer from "fatigue", which, as time goes on, is more and more clearly reflected in a woman's hands. In today's fast lifestyle, hardly any of us manage to pay special attention to the skin of our hands. The focus is usually put on a beautiful manicure, disregarding the overall looks of the hands. But, as you know, because of natural aging processes and various external factors (washing hands in cold or hot water, not wearing gloves, having contact with chemicals while doing housework, choosing inappropriate soaps or shampoos, etc.), even with the freshest manicure, hands unfortunately lose their attractiveness.

This is one of the reasons why Guinot has developed a revolutionary treatment that also pays special attention to the skin of the HANDS. The main improvements of the treatment (compared to the already known version of the AGE SUMMUM treatment) are:

  • IMPROVING SKIN IMMUNITY – the biggest advantage of the new treatment. Its ingredients are supplemented with IMMUNE COMPLEX, which is an innovation in the beauty industry. This Guinot patented complex protects our skin cells (langerhans cells), which are responsible for our skin's immunity, thus significantly delaying the aging process,
  • MAFANE extract - another ingredient that ensures an amazing result and has an effect like botulinum injection, helping to reduce and delay the appearance of facial wrinkles by reducing the daily micro-contractions of the facial muscles that cause them to form.

The treatment consists of 4 steps dedicated to the face, neck, décolletage area and palms:

  • for deep skin cleansing - dermabrasive exfoliating peeling with microparticles and macroparticles,
  • for activating anti-aging immunity, reducing pigmentation and providing a healthy glow - serum with pure Vitamin C and IMMUNE COMPLEX,
  • for restoration and firming of skin density - specially designed massage with serum,
  • for smoothing and filling wrinkles - mask with Mafane and hyaluronic acid extract.

The new version of the AGE SUMMUM treatment is available in KOLONNA salons from 17 October. Spend just 60 minutes and make your skin (not only the skin of your face, but also the skin of your hands) feel and look flawless.