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NUTRI'VITAL - MARIA GALLAND's new product line and professional face skin care ritual

Coarse, hard, dry… Such features are characteristic to sandpapered, but not for the skin. Unfortunately, the reality is just the opposite, and often we, women, can describe our skin condition using these adjectives. Regardless of age, many of us face dryness every day, but for many of us it is a seasonal issue that becomes evident during the coldest months of the year and innthe harshest weather conditions.

To target this issue and get our skin is restored, protected and supplied with all the necessary nutrients, the luxury professional cosmetics brand Maria Galland has launched Nutri'vital – the new product line and professional face, neck and décolleté skin beauty ritual.

The ritual is particularly suitable for women of all ages who are facing dry or very dry skin issues as well as during the cold seasons of the year to provide wellbeing of the skin effected by external environmental aggression. As part of the procedure, the legendary Maria Galland massage technique is combined with a strong effect of cosmetics in which the latest scientific discoveries and the most valuable natural ingredients that restore the skin's protective barrier and its defence power, including:

  • argan, hazelnut, macadamia nut and other high-quality vegetable oils,
  • bee wax,
  • she butter that supplies the skin with valuable nutrients,
  • enzymes, macroalgae, white peony extract,
  • Alpine glacier bacteria, vitamin complex and plant stem cell extracts that enliven the skin.

The duration of the procedure is 60 minutes, during which the skin is provided with a rich and complete range of care, allowing to enjoy:

  • relaxing shoulder, neck and back massege,
  • cleansing ritual,
  • preparation of the skin for the procedure by applying the silky lotion and cell activator,
  • face, neck and décolleté massage with NUTRI’VITAL oil serum, cream for eye area and the legendary regenerating cream N°5,
  • NUTRI’VITAL cream mask with caviar extract for absolute rejuvenation and wellbeing.

In the closing stage of the procedure, the skin is pampered with closing care products as well as light makeup (upon the customer’s request).

NUTRI'VITAL skin care ritual is available already from 29 November in the shopping Basteja Pasāža, Galerija Centrs, Akropole Alfa, Domina salons KOLONNA, as well as KOLONNA salons in Liepāja and Madona.

From the roughness of the sandpaper to the softness and airiness of the silk ... See you in KOLONNA salons!